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California Franchise Lawyer Based in Mission Viejo CA

JANET MARTIN is a California franchise attorney and has been practicing FRANCHISE LAW for over 20 years. In addition to franchise legal review and representation of Franchisors and Franchisees, Janet’s practice includes, business, real estate and pre-bankruptcy.

FRANCHISE LAW: Janet has represented clients from major corporations as well as independent unit owners, Janet’s experience spans the life of pre-franchisee to new franchisors to mature Franchise systems. On the Franchisor side, Janet handles everything from Franchise Disclosure Document preparation and registration to departmental quality control and documentation for all facets of the franchise relationship, including dispute resolution. On the Franchisee side, Janet has represented unit owners in lease termination issues, franchise agreement termination issues, trademark issues, service issues and debt restructures.

BUSINESS: Janet provides business advice and consultations concerning entity format, management and organization for clients, as well as strategy plans for business transactions.  Janet is an expert contracts attorney having created thousands of contracts for virtually every aspect of business relations, as well as negotiate critical points into existing contracts for re-negotiation transactions. Janet’s Strategic Planning contains detailed items of action you can implement or look for, not just generic concepts to remember.

CORPORATIONS/PARTNERSHIPS/LLCs: Janet helps to select the appropriate business entity based upon the nature of your business, the path it will take in the future, and the ability to protect you and your business and personal assets from potential liability.  This includes creation of all of the corporate documents, operating agreements, partnership agreements, and business continuation agreements.

FAMILY TRUSTS: In California we use a “revocable living trust” or a “family trust” to provide a vehicle to allow your assets to pass to your heirs or beneficiaries without having to go through the expense, time and hassle of probate.

REAL ESTATE: Janet has an extensive real estate legal and practical background, with experience in Investing Techniques, Contract Negotiation, Due Diligence Advice, and general Real Estate Disputes. She provides advice and consultations, strategy plans and contract services in these and related areas.

PRE-BANKRUPTCY PLANNING: Janet is the author of the book, The Pre-Bankruptcy Strategy Plan for People With Income and Assets. Janet will show you how to organize your assets and income within the bankruptcy laws and guidelines, in order to keep and maintain those assets and income.

I’m Not in California, How Can You Help Me?

Even if you are not located in California there are many ways I can still be of service to you. For example, if you are considering franchising I can advise you on your state’s requirements. I have experience registering new franchises in all states that require registration. If your state is not one of the 14 to 17 states (some are filing states…) with their own registration process, you will still need a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that complies with the FTC rule. I can absolutely help you. My clients appreciate my 25+ years experience, that I get to the heart of an issue quickly in a cost effective manner.

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Janet is available for private Strategy Sessions for any franchise, business, real estate, pre-bankruptcy situation, or dispute resolution service, at a very affordable rate.

Quality Product, Fast Turnaround, Fair Price!
Janet Martin