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Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

I spent months researching the options for people with Assets and Income to take advantage of the laws of bankruptcy when one part of your life may go haywire, but you are financially responsible in the rest of your life. Say you get sued over a bad business dealing, or there is a giant debt some ex-partner left you with, or fraudulently signed your name, or any one of a number of specific situations in which a bankruptcy filing is your only choice, but you don’t want to jeopardize the other parts of your life, like your income and other assets. There is a way to organize your assets and income to legally comply with all the laws and rules and still rid yourself of the bad issue in your life.

My research prompted me to write the book:

How to Keep your Income and Assets and Still File Bankruptcy

To view a preview, or go to the E-book link here:

If you are NOT in dire straights needing to file bankruptcy with days, Do schedule a Strategic Planning Session.

There are ways to arrange and maintain your assets and income, if you have the time.

This applies whether you are on salary, have a business or own several entities.

There are too many alternatives and possibilities to make generic comments here. I encourage your to schedule a Strategic Planning Session TODAY!

Quality Product, Fast Turnaround, Fair Price!
Janet Martin