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Strategic Planning Session


1. What is a Private Strategic Planning Session?

A Private Strategic Planning Session is designed to take into account your current situation, your short term wants and goals, and your long term goals. We design a personal strategy based on your own parameters. There is no one cookie cutter approach to YOUR situation. Whether it is pre-franchise buying advise, or pre-bankruptcy planning, or real estate coaching to determine your specific needs and a plan, or corporate franchisor consulting and legal work, YOUR session is customized. Remember goals and life situations change from year to year, and sometimes from month to month. What made sense 6 months ago may not seem sensible now. Use YOUR session to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly….along with YOUR plan of attack on each of the issues that is eating away at you now.

2. Can I have a Private Strategic Planning Session over the telephone, I live far away?

Absolutely! Telephone Strategy Sessions are convenient and allow for more flexibility. We can schedule them on weekends or nights to accommodate your working schedule, or to accommodate time different time zones.

3. How long will the session last and what will I get?

You will receive a 1 hour time slot for YOUR Strategic Planning Session during which we will determine where you are and want to be and how to get there. You will leave the Session with a list of very specific items which to implement to either correct some issues in your current situation, or to implement.

4. How much will this cost me?

$350. I am completely upfront about costs with no hidden charges. Trust me you will not receive anywhere the personalized strategy and advice from your typical business attorney, who will give you some pre-set advise and charge triple for it. I know because I did exactly that, and paid for it, all with out a personal strategy or customized plan. $350 is an incredible value for the practical solutions and creative options we will explore.

5. What happens after I receive my Strategic Planning Session?

You have many options: You can maintain the momentum on the plan and continue on your own, without further fees or obligation or consulting. You can consult others and pay their high consultation fees. You can have additional private legal consultations with me and/or utilize my personal legal services for any legal needs, at $350 per hour.

6. How Do I schedule a Strategic Planning Session?

Just call me, email, or register through this site. I am very responsive and will respond to your inquiry usually within day. Your Strategy Session will be scheduled within the week at a mutually agreeable time frame. Emergency Strategic Planning Sessions are available; just email me your situation and availability.