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Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Dispute Resolutions

Loan Modifications

As many of you know, trying to get a Loan Modification is like puling teeth, but a lot more painful! Why doesn’t it work for the vast majority of applications?

BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THE SECRET SAUCE! That’s right there is a “secret” formula the lenders don’t want you to know.

Lenders will never tell you why you are denied other than, “you don’t make enough money”, or “you make too much money.” (they won’t tell you how “close or far away you are to qualifying and what exactly you need to qualify).

I have negotiated and successfully received dozens of loan modifications because through trial and error, I figured out EXACTLY what the lenders are looking for and will gladly tell you this secret sauce, while working up a complete life strategy for you to maintain your sanity. Contact me for immediate details.

Short Sales

SHORT SALES have become all the rage in recent times. Why? Because everyone’s property values are well below what their loan(s) total, and they either can not make the payments anymore, or don’t want to; and frankly, the realtors are pushing them since they have no other business.

Short Sales are as difficult, if not more difficult to accomplish as a Loan Modification. There are definite strategies that will work and will not work. There is ALWAYS a SECRET SAUCE you will need to have in your arsenal of knowledge before you take any major course of action.

Short Sales have their place. However there are times when a short sale is just not going to achieve the desired results and knowing when to make this decision, how to analyze the potential outcomes good and bad, is what I can also help you with for your particular situation. There are definite alternatives to Short Sales you need to understand to make an informed decision.

If the Short Sale option is right for you; I have the Short Sale Road Map on HOW TO get your short sale approved.

Dispute Resolution

Looking to Mutually resolve your differences? Janet Martin is a certified arbitrator and available for mediation services and arbitration services.

Most parties can not see past the black and white of what the other guy did wrong. I have significant experience in fashioning alternatives and options for mutual dispute resolution.


I will be your advocate to zealously represent you in YOUR position and desired outcome.

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Quality Product, Fast Turnaround, Fair Price!
Janet Martin