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Teachers/Trainers make the Best California Franchisors

So you are considering being a California franchisor? Franchising is about systematizing your business, THEN teaching/training your franchisees those systems. "Systematizing" means to organize every single tiny aspect of your business in some format franchisees can refer to, such as an operations manual-- how to select the size, feel and look of the location, selecting vendors and suppliers, determining initial inventory requirements, placement in the store, employee hiring and management, computer or equipment requirements, marketing and advertising needs, administrative, legal and accounting needs of the business. AND yes, operations. As analogized in my favorite book "The E-Myth, Revisited," just because you're great at baking a fabulous pie, doesn't mean you can franchise pie shops; You're not going to teach your franchisees how to bake a great pie, you're going to teach them how to start and operate a successful pie business. The franchisee will need to understand and oversee all those different parts of running a business. The better You, the franchisor are at teaching and training, the more successful your franchisees will be. And your network!

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