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I Want to Sell my Franchise Business Without the Franchise

Many times a franchisee will want to or need to sell his franchise business but without the franchise. This action is always against the strict requirements in the franchise agreement. Franchisors do not want to lose a unit from the network no matter what the reasons are, because that decreases the total number which is a negative statistic for franchisors, and sets a precedent, which the franchisor does not want to set. However, there are ways to negotiate with the franchisor to either mutually terminate your franchise agreement, or buy out of that provision, or otherwise negotiate the issues and address the problem. Sometimes the problem is the franchise brand for some reason is negatively viewed in your area. Sometimes it is the fees associated with a buyer having to sign a new franchise agreement with much higher fees. Sometimes it is the substantial updating that the franchisor would require for the seller or the buyer, which makes the sale unworkable. Whatever the issue is, there are options I can explore with you to determine the best course of action for your situation. Everything is not as black and white as it seems. There is always a solution. Call me today to find yours.

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